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Newbies, post your self-introductions here! / 新規登録された方はこちらに自己紹介のトピックを立ててください.
Newbies, post your self-introduction topic here! / 新規登録された方はこちらに自己紹介を新規に単発トピックを立てて書いてください.
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Hello! I'm the administrator.

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I'm very mad at Sea Shepherd terrorists and their supporters including Australia. So I've settled this board.
Whales aren't endangered. Some kinds of them are so and some kinds of them are not. But anti-whaling terrorists don't try to know. They are against whaling by the reason that whales are intellient. But those terrorists don't know how intelligence cetaceans are actually. They are blind to whales, dolphins, and porpoises, themselves but blindly love them. It's the character of anti-whaling people. And it isn't ecological but comlahence. Oh, yeah, so they are eco-terrorists.
Emmanuel Chanel emmanuelchanel@gmail.com
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Hi, Emmanuel-san.
Thank you for inviting me on this boad.
I register as Shihoko Fujita on Facebook.
Yes! I am very mad at SS as same as you are!!!